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We believe in transparency in both our supply chain and with our customers. We think there is no better way to illustrate our values and ethical business practices than to show you. The Art of Making provides you with a transparent look at who our artisans are, and what their working environment is like. It also gives us an opportunity to showcase the astounding craftmanship and traditional skills that make our products unique.

When we set off on our travels many years ago, we quickly became aware of the natural materials and traditional crafts that were evident in each of the countries we were fortunate to visit. This knowledge became an important part of Nkuku’s development, and our product collections; celebrating the skills and materials from different corners of the world.



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Wire Craftwork & Sculpture_300x300.jpg

Wire Craftwork & Sculpture

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Metal and Glass Craftwork_300x300.jpg

Metal & Glass Craftwork

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Traditional Glass Making_300x300.jpg

Traditional Glass Making

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Sustainable Mago Wodd_300x300.jpg

Sustainable Mango Wood

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Antique & Reclaimed_300x300.jpg

Antique & Reclaimed Collections

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Weaving on handlooms300x300.jpg

Weaving on Handlooms

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Metalsmithing & Craftwork300x300.jpg

Metalsmithing & Craftwork

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Fair Trade Pottery_300x300.jpg

Fair Trade Pottery

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Artisan Ceramics_300x300.jpg

Artisan Ceramics

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Paper Making_300x300.jpg

Tradtional Papermaking

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Ancient Vietnamese Basketry_300x300.jpg

Ancient Vietnamese Basketry

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Handmade Sofas

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The Beauty of Handmade_600x300.jpg

The Beauty of Handmade

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NGO Basket Making Collective_300x300.jpg

NGO Basket Making Collective

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Leather Craftwork_300x300.jpg

Leather Craftwork

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