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These interesting one-off pieces make up a unique collection sourced by Nkuku. Regular visits to India have provided us with the opportunity to explore and discover original and authentic antiques. This exciting collection evolves with each new discovery.

Re-purposing and re-imaging items in creative new ways for the home is a fun and rewarding part of our product development. Pieces that have lived a previous life bring a wealth of character and texture to a home interior.

“We love the character of these pieces; every single one is slightly different. In a world that is now so focussed on the convenience of mass-market production, it is a breath of fresh air to hold something imperfect and truly unique in your hand.”

We have sourced a selection of reclaimed pieces, reimagining them into new products; from coffee tables made from reclaimed wooden herb grinders, once a traditional feature of Indian everyday life, to recycled iron planters reclaimed from iron drums, to brick boxes repurposed as cutlery holders, and reclaimed woods, rich with character, to create unique furniture pieces.

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Our reclaimed iron Kadai fire bowls were traditionally used as cooking bowls in India, the rustic and weathered tones illustrate their previous life.

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