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Our travel journal is an ever-evolving connection with our team and the artisans we work with, revealing all that goes on behind the scenes, sharing of-the-moment content to provide a transparent look at how the artisans we work with create our products and their working environments. We want to take you with us on our travels, sharing our experiences and adventures and introduce you to the artisans behind our collections.

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Piles of sustainable mango wood, dome bases

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A new pattern concept for wood

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Almost finished lamp base

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Traditional chisel used to create metal pattern

Buyers Journal_6_300x300.jpg

Joining Mbata candle holder to the base

Buyers Journal_7_300x300.jpg

A completed pattern

Buyers Journal_8_300x300.jpg

Vases ready for finishing

Buyers Journal_10_300x300.jpg

Shaping a glass by hand

Buyers Journal_11_300x300.jpg

Using the heat to complete the base

Buyers Journal_12_300x300.jpg

Finishing our Mahika pot

Buyers Journal_13_300x300.jpg

Metal printing tools with patterns

Buyers Journal_14_300x300.jpg

A printing pattern ready to ready to add to a frame edge

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Hand crafted tacks

Buyers Journal_16_300x300.jpg

Lamp bases ready for wiring

Buyers Journal_17_300x300.jpg

Crafting our traditional vases

Buyers Journal_18_300x300.jpg

Random collection of dusty pots, interesting shapes

Buyers Journal_19_300x300.jpg

Crafting our wooden terrarium bases

Buyers Journal_20_300x300.jpg

Handmade frames for making recycled paper

Buyers Journal_22_300x300.jpg

A reclaimed India cart before cleaning

Buyers Journal_23_300x300.jpg

An ornate doorway

Buyers Journal_24_300x300.jpg

Typical street view, Rajasthan

Buyers Journal_24_300x300.jpg

Noko wicker lamps ready to be packed and delivered to the UK

Buyers Journal_25_300x300.jpg

Ideas for practical storage

Buyers Journal_26_300x300.jpg

Experimenting with mango wood and marketry

Buyers Journal_28_300x300.jpg

Shaping and hammering our iron knobs

Buyers Journal_29_300x300.jpg

Tools of the trade

Buyers Journal_30_300x300.jpg

An open fire for moulding glass

Buyers Journal_31_300x300.jpg

A row of reclaimed Mawari horses

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