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    Our tableware collections combine unique hand painted designs with natural contours and artisan skills in varied eye catching collections of dining sets, mugs and serving bowls.
    Indigo Drop Plates
    From £16.95
    Abessa Mug 25% OFF
    £8.95 £6.71
    Abessa Jug 25% OFF
    £29.95 £22.46
    Abessa Bowl 25% OFF
    £7.95 £5.96
    Nzari Plate
    From £16.95
    Nzari Dish
    From £16.95
    Nzari Round Dish
    From £19.95
    Karuma Ceramic Mug
    From £9.95
    Karuma Ceramic Jug
    From £19.95
    Karuma Ceramic Plate
    From £16.95
    Ama Plate
    From £14.95
    Ama Serving Bowl
    From £39.95
    Ama Bowl
    Ama Platter
    From £34.95
    Ama Spoon