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At nkuku we work with independent businesses, social projects, and co-operatives with a focus on building long lasting relationships, working together towards mutual success. We believe that trading fairly provides an opportunity to build a future, helping businesses develop and creating sustainable employment. These founding principles are still at the heart of nkuku today and we are proud to be B Corp certified alongside a growing group of companies that are reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit.

Our Values

At nkuku we consider our environmental impact by using natural, reclaimed and recycled materials, valuing, and sustaining traditional crafts through fair and transparent relationships with our suppliers, whilst working towards mutual success. We think that ethical business is good business, that’s why we work to make sure that all the people involved in nkuku, from makers to employees treat each other fairly and with respect.

We are proud to be a certified B Corp, joining a growing group of companies that are reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit. Read more about our B Corp certification here.  There is more work to do but we are committed to doing better and working hard towards our goals.


We celebrate traditional crafts, and we want to ensure that age-old traditions are passed on to future generations. The relationship between a maker and an individually crafted piece creates a story and a connection. At nkuku you will find texture, natural patina and honest marks left by the tools from the maker who made the piece. We see beauty in imperfection as we think this adds character and believe this is our point of difference.


We choose to work with natural, reclaimed and recycled materials and this shapes our collections. Inspired by the texture, character and beauty of these materials, we design pieces that let these inherent qualities shine through.

Making use of waste leftover from other industries, including cotton from recycled t-shirts, recycled glass, metals and textiles, means we can reduce our impact on the environment whilst creating beautiful new products. Using raw materials such as jute, rattan and wood creates a connection with the natural world, from the woven braids of golden hemp to the warm tones of sustainable mango wood, the timeless beauty and quality of these materials is evident in our pieces.

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