Art of Display

30th January 2024

Reflect the unique style of your home by combining treasured objects with unusual artefacts, and keep things fresh with seasonal flourishes. The key to styling an authentic display of objects is to express your individuality and showcase items with a story to tell.

Discovering your unique style

Before you start, spend a little time considering what you want your display to say about your style. Are you a lover of the pared back and muted, do you prefer the bold and adventurous, or are you after a look that is characterful and quirky? Whether you're a worldly wanderer endlessly collecting curios as you go, or an artisan aficionado trawling weekend markets with a distinct style in mind, there's an art to showcasing your well-chosen pieces with effortless elegance.

At Nkuku we love bringing you unique handcrafted pieces with a story to tell, so read on for inspiration of how to create more characterful displays simply by mixing old with new, natural with handcrafted, and precious objet d’art with personal pieces. By incorporating items collated from years of travels with fresh new pieces, you can start to bring a one-of-a-kind feel to your interiors.

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Oooty candlestick holder 

The elegant contours of the Ooty candlestick holder make this a striking creation, with or without a candle. The black hand forged finish creates a versatile styling piece that can be used as a traditional candle holder, as a part of a tablespace or, as a statement decorative objet on a sideboard or shelving display.

Anjuna reactive glaze bowl 

Bring a fresh spring look and feel to your home with these Anjuna standing bowls. Their appealing organic shape marries perfectly with the irregular and varied finish of the reactive glaze.

Avyn recycled glass candle holder 

Set the perfect ambient scene with the enchanting Avyn olive green glass candle holder. Style in pairs for a traditional dining table setting or mixed sizes for a more creative display.

Kiaan reclaimed traditional wide pot 

These curvaceous reclaimed wooden pots have an appealing dark antique tone. There is something special about a reclaimed piece, not only repurposing a product but also bringing something time honed into a home, adds character and interest - as well as a connection with the past.


Gathering a sophistcated collection

While combing the world for inspiration, we’ve discovered that curating visual interest is a combination of sense and sensibility, so begin by finding the perfect spot for your display. It could be that you have an alcove to fill, a hallway table where you want to create a warm welcome, a mantle-piece that’s under-used, ora cabinet that is calling out for a refresh.

Start by clearing your area and looking at the space with fresh eyes. Could you create greater impact and a lasting impression simply by rearranging what is already there? Can you remove a few unwanted items that have made their way into the area over time?

Or is it time for a creative refresh? Spring is the perfect time for an over haul, and for that, why not gather up pieces you love from around your home and combine them with a few timeless additions to achieve perfect harmony?


Palani candelabra

This Palani candelabra makes a striking centrepiece that brings a flourish to any table.Naturally elegant with fluid lines and a sculpture-like quality, this timeless piece fits with all interior styles.

Avyn recycled glass candle holder Smoke Amber

Our enchanting Avyn smoke amber glass candle holder is a simple yet sophisticated piece that is as sculptural as it is functional.

“At Nkuku we love bringing you unique handcrafted pieces with a story to tell.”

Getting creative

Time for some fun. We suggest choosing one loved piece as your starting point. You could take tonal inspiration from its colour and play with complementing, highlighting and contrasting. Or you could take your lead from its form and play with scale. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get expressive – it’s how you decide to mix and match that will maximise your collection.

Kalai ceramic organic shape vase

The organic tactile forms of our Kalai ceramics collection are hand shaped in Portugal and make a perfect addition to any home, adding softness and interest to a display.

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Adding natural elegance

Last but not least, finish your display with a few natural seasonal flourishes displayed in a distinctive vase or bowl. Forage for fallen foliage on walks, pick stems in the garden or select a few choice plants to add interest. Simple greenery, such as eucalyptus or succulents, bring instant freshness, while the neutral shades and elegant silhouettes of poppy heads, fennel, or ornamental grasses create a sense of calm.

Anjuma reactive glaze decorative jug

The textured off-white finish of these Anjuna decorative jugs, works beautifully with their timeless and appealing organic shape.The Anjuna jugs make a stunning base for dried floral blooms but also hold their own as individual decorative objects, adding texture, tone and shape.

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