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24th January 2024

Whether you have a dedicated home office or a you've set up your workstation in a quiet corner of a bedroom, create a workspace that is both practical, inspiring and a pleasure to spend time in.

It's not always easy switching off, and with many of us now balancing working from home, it’s important to create a calm, peaceful sanctuary to retreat to. Our styling tips are designed to help you create a bedroom that instantly transports you from whatever your day has been to something light and relaxing.

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Define your Desk Space

The starting point should be a desk, and if you can, go large for this as you’ll be thankful for the desk top space. Our collection of desks blend character, function and form with a mix of materials. From sustainable mango wood to industrial iron, you're sure to find a design to suit your scheme. If a desk is beyond your budget or space allowance, then the kitchen table can work just as well. Avoid distractions by ensuring the table is completely clear of clutter. Placing a desk or table near a window or in a position with a view can really help your mood.

Kanz Mango Wood Desk

The clean, uncluttered aesthetic of this piece makes it a stylish fit for any living space: perfect in a home office, sitting room or bedroom where you need to create a multifunctional area.

Benia Iron & Reclaimed Wood Desk

This versatile desk combines sustainable reclaimed wood with classic black ironwork to create a sublime rustic look. The reclaimed wood top brings texture and character, with distinctive marks from its previous use.

Nakuru Iron & Glass Desk

The brass adds warmth while the expanse of glass brings a contemporary feel, per for your study or bedroom.

“Placing a desk or table near a window or in a position with a view can really help your mood.”

Add Layers of Lighting

Lighting is an important part of your workspace; a desk lamp adds a classic study look and provides focused practical light. For the room itself, use natural materials to provide a soft light and calm aesthetic. Try our rattan and wicker lighting for an elegant natural glow.

Neela Mango Wood Pendant

A beautiful natural unique pendant that has been designed to stand out. This carefully crafted design brings a laid-back, effortless warmth to any living space.

Beru Rattan Lampshade

Add a sense of calm to a room with subtle natural materials. These Beru lampshades are skilfully handwoven from rattan in Indonesia.

Sengol Recycled Glass Desk Lamp

A beautifully practical and stylish lighting solution with a ribbed glass globe that diffuses light in gentle patterns.

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Choose Seating that’s Comfortable and Stylish

A comfortable chair is key, but that needn’t mean compromising on style. Leather is well-suited to an office space; it has great character and style yet serves as a functional seat for long hours sat at the desk. For a lighter look choose a natural wood chair with generous cushions for comfort.

Narwana Leather Desk Chair

Our Narwana leather desk chair exudes style and promises to upgrade an interior space.

Wamma Leather Desk Chair

Our Wamma leather desk chair combines comfort and style and is sumptuously upholstered in dark chocolate brown leather with a ribbed design.

Maximise Space with Clever Storage

Invest in practical storage to maximise space in your home office. Firstly, decide if you want fitted or free-standing storage pieces; fitted pieces can work well above a desk and make use of wall space, leaving plenty of room for your desk and chair. Free-standing storage is a quick solution and doesn’t require tools. A book shelf or sideboard are perfect for holding files and books, and can provide a table top space for plants and photo frames too, which adds a nice decorative touch to your work space.

“Invest in practical yet stylish storage to maximise space in a home office.”

Desk Accessories

Style your desk with tactile mango wood desk accessories or stylish planters and photo frames. Organise pens and pencils in desk tidy’s and pots; it’s amazing how simply being organised and tidy will keep your mind clear.

Kenda Decorative Globe

A globe conjurs up visions of explorers and adventurers; it is also a great accessory for a living room or study.

Juda Marble Bookends

These practical book ends are of a good weight and their smooth finish has an appealing tactile quality, making them the perfect way to display your favourite tomes.

Darvaaja Traditional Mango Wood Objet

The characterful hand-carved piece is suffused with intricate detail and would look wonderful alongside other personal treasures or paired with other decorative ornaments from our home accessories collection.


Keep a Natural Connection   

It’s common knowledge that plants and greenery are good for our wellbeing. Add touches of green with low maintenance pots and planters, it will make the air feel cleaner and provide some respite from the virtual world we all find ourselves using so much.

Endo Recycled Iron Vase

Part of the Endo range, these sculptural pieces can be mixed with our Endo planters and candle holders to form part of a cohesive set, or they can be effortlessly mixed with other ranges for a more eclectic look.

Sandi Seagrass Hanging Planter

The gold hues of the braided hemp complement the vivid greens of your plants, allowing you to create a natural yet vibrant display.

Dasalla Planter

The antique brass finish and architectural form of our Dasalla planter make it a stylish and multifunctional addition to any living space.

Decorate Your Wall Space

Dress your walls with things that make you happy to give your busy mind a break. Display photos of trips abroad with friends, family snaps or beautiful pieces of art in elegant photo frames. Woven wall hangings will add texture and interest.The key is to not to overdo it, make sure there is plenty of wall space in-between, and keep a professional feel. Don’t be afraid to move things around and change up your view.

Larisa Cotton & Mango Wood Wall Art

Our Larisa wall art brings elegant simplicity to walls and natural style to your living space.

Gurdisha Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Originally our Gurdisha wall art formed door panels from homes in the central desert region of India. Now the highly decorative reclaimed wood and iron pieces would make a bold and striking feature in a living space.

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