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Our wire collections are created by hand, joined, and sculptured from wire using traditional tools. This family business has a rich heritage of working with wire, intricately sculpting a variety of handmade pieces from practical storage items for the home to characterful decorative wall art.

Based in South India, the business is run by a husband-and-wife team and their son.  Each playing a key role in different elements of the business, the family work with talented local artisans to create our products.

“Sculpting the wire takes patience and vision, and an awareness of 3-dimensional space”
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Shaping wire takes strength and skill; wearing thick gloves and using hand tools, the artisans work carefully creating each individual piece, whether it’s a simple storage basket or a more involved piece. The techniques incorporate traditional basketry methods but replace wicker with wire to build long lasting pieces for the home. The different finishes are applied by hand and are then air-dried outside.

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