A glass producer from Uttar Pradesh

"My ambition is to make a big cylinder pipe out of glass that does not need grinding on the top. I have tried only once but not succeeded!"

Sunery was born in a village near Firozabad he has six children; five girls and a boy. All his children are busy studying at school. Sunery gets to work each day by ‘tempoo’ (a small minibus). His idol is Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav, a politician who cares for the poor. Sunery is interested in politics and he enjoys discussing current affairs issues with his friends. His favourite place to be, is at a tea shop on the side of the road mulling over political affairs. Sunery also says he would like to visit England see the way we work and live.

"I grind the glass products onto the flatted cement wheel so that the product is smooth on the top and at the edges. I use mud, clay and water to help with the process. My friend originally taught me how to do this role and I enjoyed it so I made it my profession. "

His favourite game growing up was marbles but he is now a fan of cricket and says that his nine year old son is a very good player. His favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli. Sunery enjoys listening to Hindi religious songs and his favourite film is the religious film Jai Santoshi Maa.


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