A potter from Tamil Nadu

“ My mother is my idol because of the values she has taught me.”

Ram is a graduate in mathematics. He is married with three children. Ram lives in Jaipur but is originally from a village just outside the city. Ram says his favourite place in India is Jaipur because, he says it is a ‘pilgrim’s town’. He would also like to visit the shrine of Vaishno Devi in Kashmir, the temple is known for peace of mind and natural healing.

Ram has been painting freestyle by hand for fifteen years. He learned his skills on a handicrafts training program organised by the Ministry of Textiles. He particularly likes to paint Mogul art designs and typical Rajasthani culture paintings on large canvases.

" I love painting, it is a passion of mine. I enjoy coming up with new patterns and designs. At home I have painted the walls of my house with pictures."

Ram’s hobbies are volleyball and cricket and he also enjoys the ancient sport of Kabaddi, Indian wrestling. Ram likes listening to religious and patriotic songs.


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