A leather artisan from Uttar Pradesh

“ I have been hand making bags for over 30 years. My father taught me many of my skills and I studied a short diploma from Ahmadabad.”

Bohma is originally from Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) but now lives in Bewar where he works with a co-operative making beautiful leather bags and accessories. His idol is Kabir the mystic poet and a saint of India.

“I enjoy working with this material because it is how I earn my money and I live well from what I earn. I particularly like making satchels because of their design.”

Bohma's favourite sport is Kabaddi (wrestling), an ancient sport that originated in India. He loves listening to and singing Malvadi Bajun songs and watching Rajasthani movies. If Bohma had the choice of another career he would have chosen construction but he says he is 55 years old now and happy with his life.


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