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    Explore our curated collection of gift ideas from stunning fair trade jewellery and elegant jewellery boxes, to luxurious leather accessories and traditional games. We have a broad selection perfect for him and for her.

    Abesso Star Pot 50% OFF
    From £12.95 £6.48
    Jahi Gold Plate
    From £12.95
    Snail Paper Weight
    From £9.95
    Suede Journal
    From £19.95
    Ahanti Storage Boxes
    From £39.95
    Artisan Bowls
    From £9.95
    Assam Tea Set
    From £3.95
    Miri Casserole Pot 40% OFF
    From £34.95 £20.97
    Miri Rectangular Dish 40% OFF
    From £24.95 £14.97
    Miri Round Dish 40% OFF
    From £16.95 £10.17
    Miri Terracotta Jug 40% OFF
    From £24.95 £14.97
    Nalbari Platter 25% OFF
    From £34.95 £26.21
    Chatari Mesh Star
    From £39.95
    Ziki Wine Glass
    From £6.95