A bag maker from Rajasthan

“I learned my skills from my uncle. I have now been working here for ten years. I like to work with this material. Apart from leather bags I like to make belts.”

Navsingh is from Sirgva in Rajasthan. He is married with four children; three girls and a son. Navsingh and his family live within the co-operative. He can cook but his wife does most of the cooking, he says that his favourite dish is egg curry with roti. Navsingh’s hobby is to travel with friends. If he could go anywhere right now it would be Goa, as it is his favourite place.

Navsingh’s idol is the cricketer Sachin Tendulkar because he is a great player. He doesn’t play cricket himself, but enjoys Indian wrestling, known as Kabaddi, which he remembers fondly from his childhood and supports the Indian Kabaddi team.


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