A leather craftsman from Delhi

“If I was not working here creating products I would like to be teacher.”

Mohamed is from the state of Bihar, he is married with three children. His favourite place in India is the Ajmer Sharif because, he explains; “this is a holy place and people can come here for prayer”. Mohamed’s favourite dish is chicken and vegetable curry. He cooks for himself each day because his wife and daughters remain in his village, while he has moved to the capital for work.

When Mohamed returns to his home he likes to play the board game ‘Carrom’ (an eastern game quite similar to billiards) with his family, he also enjoys watching and supporting the Indian cricket team. Mohamed is an avid reader "I love reading because it makes me more knowledgeable," he says. "I like to read the religious texts of ‘Namaz’ as he gives holiness to us and keeps me mentally fit.”

"I like to work with leather as it is easy to handle and easy to maintain cleanliness. My favourite products to make are cushion covers, photo frames and pouches."


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