A skilled carpenter from Devon.

“ My father was a paper maker and my mother’s side of the family is engineering focused, my uncle designs formula one cars, so there is vein of creativity running through the family.”

Angus is happily married with four boys. He has worked at Nkuku for nearly four years. His role is to make our bespoke furniture collections. Angus came from a fine arts and sculpture background, and he started making furniture once he left college. He worked with various other carpenters and furniture makers and gleaned a lot of knowledge before started working on his own designs.

Angus started making things from wood to fulfil a practical need to make furniture for his own house and enjoyed creating things so much it then became a way of making a living. When it became more of a career choice he initially focussed on upcycling pieces before creating new furniture. He also used to be a metal worker, and would create braised copper candlesticks and the like, as gifts for friends at college.

“ I enjoy the creative process of building furniture. My favourite thing about working with wood is transforming a pile of wood into a piece of furniture that has a purpose. One of my favourite products is the ‘I beam table’ because I like the mix of materials this piece offers. The 8ft table tops are the most challenging to make because of the nature of the reclaimed wood and the size of the board.”

Angus would one day like to make a wooden cabin, a perfect mini house that he could live in for a few weeks a year. His plan would be to make it comfortable and considered, but simple in its design. He would build it in a remote area, overlooking water of some kind, to make the most of the ever changing landscape. With any spare time Angus has, he enjoys cycling across Devon, both mountain and road biking. Dartmoor is one of his favourite destinations providing inspiring and magical views. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and children, seeing new things together and exploring new places. Angus’s favourite food is fish, but says he’s actually not that great at cooking fish himself, although he claims his fish pie isn't bad. If he wasn't a carpenter he would possibly be living abroad doing up properties in a sunnier climate!


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