Styling Ideas for a Sustainable Kitchen Pantry

24th January 2024

The resurgence of the kitchen pantry it seems is here to stay, imbedded in the hearts of homes across the country. There is nothing quite as satisfying as decanting grains, pulses and other ingredients and displaying them in a stylish and in a well organised space but its more than just an appealing aesthetic, there are numerous environmental and practical benefits to a well thought out pantry.

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The perfect pairing of sustainability and style

It seems a win-win situation when something not only looks good but has a positive impact. Beautifully arranged storage jars can not only elevate a dark corner but importantly help to reduce food waste. It makes cooking a pleasure with easy to reach ingredients and importantly you rarely run out that vital ingredient as you have full visibility of what needs replenishing.

Kossi storage jar

Style your pantry or kitchen shelves with these Kossi storage jars. Perfect for storing grains and pulses, made from recycled glass with a solid mango wood top and stylish glass loop for an accompanying wooden spoon.

Kitto storage jar

Our Kitto storage jar brings charm and interest to kitchen storage solutions, making a welcome addition to a pantry or tiered shelf.

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Refill stores, otherwise known as zero waste shops, aim to cut out any unnecessary or wasteful packaging by storing products in large containers from which shoppers can fill up their own bags, boxes, bottles, and jars. You simply weigh your empty container in store, fill it up with your product of choice, re-weigh the container and then pay for what you've taken.

The benefits of investing in reusable containers reduces the need for new containers, reducing the demand for virgin materials as well as the energy used to make them in their hundreds and thousands. In theory, it should also prevent many containers from ending up in landfills and the ocean, as they have an extended life in our homes.

Pantry ideas

Whether you have a dedicated pantry or a few open shelves you can create a stylish and practical space. The key is to choose a selection of vessels to suit your needs. For preservation its vital that jars have a seal to keep their contents fresh. Mix materials, shapes, and sizes in the form of hammered glass jars with tactile mango wood lids, appealing woven baskets and practical iron storage.

Inkollu spice rack

Bring order to your pantry with our Inkollu spice rack perfect for displaying all your herbs and spices with four practical shelves so you'll no longer need to rummage around in the back of the cupboard for them.

Meghana iron shelf with hooks

Our Meghana shelf unit combines form with function with detachable hanging hooks providing additional storage for pots and pans or tea towels, making this striking unit a compact and practical way of keeping your home clutter-free.

Tamba shelf with hooks

This practical Tamba shelving unit includes practical hanging hooks, perfect for mugs.

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Keep food stuffs fresh and in date by marking and dating the ingredients. This can be as simple as brown paper tape with handwritten dates. Baskets are perfect for fruit and vegetables. The ventilation will help keep them fresh, but make sure they are stored somewhere cool and dark too and be sure to not to mix produce that doesn’t store well together.

Carefully arrange cans and store them in open baskets, likewise with spices and herbs a basket can be a brilliant way to gain easy access. You can simply lift the entire basket off the shelf to get clear visibility of its contents. Divide your space into different food stuffs. Cereals in one section, pulses and grains and perhaps baking in another. Create a practical snack station for children with pots filled with popcorn, and rice cakes.

Mannu cotton & hemp wall hung basket

Beautiful and practical, our small Mannu cotton and hemp wall hung baskets are luxuriously deep, making them an incredibly versatile storage option.

Inkolu basket bowl

The cylindrical shape of our Inkollu Basket is ideal for a variety of storage and display from utensils to fruit & vegetables.

“Whether you have a dedicated pantry or a few open shelves you can create a stylish and practical space.”

Make use of hooks with hanging baskets, hang strings of garlic and chillies to add atmosphere. Place utensils in sturdy storage pots, like our Inkollu collection to help keep work tops clear and tidy. Our Hasa cubby shelves are designed with built-in hooks for you to store anything from aprons to mugs. For a more versatile option, use S hooks that can attach to a rail and are perfect for hanging pots, pans and chopping boards.

If space is at a premium, try storing fruit and vegetables in tiered free-standing storage baskets to free up shelf space and keep food raised off the ground.

Inkollu hanging basket set

Our Inkollu hanging basket set combines style with practicality. These hanging baskets provide an easy and clutter-free way for you to access your kitchen accessories.

Inkollu three-tiered storage stand

The warm tones of our aged brass Inkollu three-tiered storage Stand is a stylish standalone piece, perfect for storing fruit & vegetables and other food items in a kitchen or pantry.

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The great thing with a pantry is that you can start small and build over time to create a clutter free space, reuse and upcycle other glass vessels from jam jars or pasta pots to add to the eclectic look of your pantry and bring order to your kitchen cupboards.

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