Design Tips

Create an Outdoor Entertaining Space

Set the scene for outdoor entertaining this summer whatever size your garden. From small courtyards and terraces to larger country gardens, make the most of your outside space and prepare your garden for a season of outdoor gatherings.

Create garden zones

Garden zones create the sense of space, giving each section of your garden a different purpose, whether for relaxing with a drink, or dining with friends.
Make a focal point to your garden with a striking table or garden sofa set, and to maximise on space use benches rather than individual chairs. We love our
Oso Table and Bench, made from reclaimed teak with a soft weathered look that fits so effortlessly into a garden landscape. Use large potted plants to help
zone areas on a terrace or lawn, and style a space for drinks and relaxation to set apart your dining area.

Alfresco Dining

There’s a certain freedom that summer offers. The light evenings and warm days provide the perfect opportunity for gathering family and friends together,
spending long lazy days in the garden.

Food is an essential part of any gathering and our sustainable mango wood platters and elegant ceramic bowls provide a great base for sharing foods from antipasto and breads to finger foods and salads. Their natural rustic tones compliment the outdoor surroundings and encourage an informal dining experience. The irregular imperfections of our ceramics fit the irregular contours of nature and the outdoors; the handmade techniques used to create these ceramic collections emulate from each piece and their textures offer a tactile pleasure that can only really be appreciated once held in your hand.

Drinks are an important part of any alfresco scene; fill our gem-like Yala glassware in Indigo with colourful cordials or refreshing summer sorbets and choose tactile elegant glassware perfect for serving delicious summer cocktails. Our Kaneti Bubble Carafe is the perfect serveware for summer cocktails, crafted using recycled glass.

Set the scene with ambient lighting

Lighting is key in creating an alfresco scene. Natural candlelight casts pretty shadows and provides a soft, subtle light. Our lanterns and tealights are perfect for scattering along a table or positioned around a courtyard or garden. Mix natural mango woods, with warm brass or for something more defined try our Sia Lanterns.

Gather around fire pits

Our reclaimed Kadai bowls are perfect for cooking delicious barbeque bites. Once the cooking is finished keep the coals burning, add some logs and prepare for a cosy and ambient evening gathered around the fire.

Decorate with pots & planters

Planters in a mix of sizes and shapes can transform your balcony or terrace into a small, natural Eden.  For a larger space, it’s the perfect way to screen off sections and break up an outside area.  When planning your planting, try and find space for nature, no matter how small, by choosing plants that attract butterflies, bees and birds. The sense of pleasure your outside space gives will be enhanced tenfold as you watch the delights of the natural world unfold. Our handcrafted planters and pots have a unique character, made using natural, recycled and reclaimed materials to give them a rustic finish and a story to tell.

Get comfortable with cushions & throws

Our Mayla linen cushions have an informal ‘slubby’ linen texture that lends itself to an informal alfresco environment. Lay cushions on chairs and benches, or scatter some over our new Jaisalmer Sofas with Kosumi cotton throws and create a relaxed seating area. To make the day last longer place throws on each seat, giving your guests something to wrap around them as the evening draws in.

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