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    Terrariums & Planters

    Style your own natural habitat with our selection of planters and terrariums, choose from a variety of designs and finishes from glass terrariums to indoor hanging planters.
    Rhuna Round Planter
    From £39.95
    Rhuna Oval Planter
    From £49.95
    Affiti Clay Planter
    From £39.95
    Affiti Clay Pot
    From £9.95
    Talni Planter 50% OFF
    From £19.95 £9.98
    Miro Green House
    From £34.95
    Dasa Plant Dome 50% OFF
    From £39.95 £19.98
    Pori Hanging Planter 40% OFF
    From £59.95 £35.97