An artisan from Rajasthan

“I like the people here and the work environment.”

Gyarsi is married with five children, her oldest child is now twenty seven years old. Gyarsi takes the bus to work each day, the bus is provided by the company she works for. Gyarsi’s role is finishing each product. This entails rinsing each piece with water and polishing it to ensure no glaze or ceramic dust is left.

Gyarsi is yet to leave Jaipur and it is her favourite place in India. However she is interested in visiting Pushka at some stage in her life.

Gyarsi likes to cook, but she says her daughter-in-law does the majority of the cooking. Her son and daughter-in-law also have a large family of five children and they all live together.

In her childhood Gyarsi enjoyed playing traditional Indian games particularly one game that she says is a bit like golf. She feels too old for these sorts of games now and instead enjoys listening to religious and spiritual lectures. She particularly enjoys traditional Bajan religious songs in Hindi. She also says she is a fan of Rajasthani films.


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