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“A picture is worth a thousand words” It’s true, a photograph can reveal so much, it can tell a story and capture a moment in time. It can set a scene, emulate a mood or just make you laugh.

You can really enhance a photograph by selecting the right frame and you can use photography in hundreds of wonderful ways to decorate an interior and personalise your home. We can all take photos so easily on our mobile phones but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to print them. Taking the time to select and put chosen pictures in frames is not only rewarding but it is a great way to decorate your home.

Rejuvenate a tired wall or bring a blank space to life by using photography as wall art and decoration. Get creative with photo frames; choose a style that suits your home or create a gallery made up of a mix of eclectic sizes and finishes. If you do go with the gallery wall idea, it’s worth laying the frames out on the floor and tweaking the composition before you go to the effort of hanging the frames. Cutting out pieces of paper to represent the sizes and apertures is a good option as these can be stuck temporarily on the wall. There is no given rule but creating a focal point can be a good start and help with the composition.

A reclaimed frame is perfect for creating a rustic look. The distressed finish sets off the images inside. It has a travelled worldly feel. For a more traditional frame choose our classic silver Sugali but don’t be scared to have detail on the border of a frame. This simply adds to the style of the room and often brings out the photo within. Play around with different images to see what really works. Mix old and new photographs; the combination of images taken through different time periods can create a quirky backdrop and create a wonderful gallery of events. It’s great to see photos from the distant past sitting next to those taken just the other day.

The materials a photo frame is made from can play a role in the look of a room. Sustainable mango wood has a beautiful grain and is such a versatile wood. Placing this against a neutral backdrop creates a calm ascetic. A black and white image stands out with a dark border that frames the photo within.

For a more industrial look choose an edgy material such as zinc or aged brass. Our large Kiko’s provide huge amounts of flexibility for arrangements and content. These see-through frames offer an ideal backdrop for creative minds. Fill them with images, fabrics, keepsakes and mementos to create a striking and personal display. Tell a story within the frame with a sketch, a concert ticket, or a sheet of music.

The Kiko boxes are ideal for special occasions, such as births and weddings. The frame holds a photo whilst the little shelves are perfect for baby keepsakes. Equally, keep memories from your wedding day safe and on display with a striking photo along with treasured keepsakes such as a piece of ribbon, a flower from your bouquet or a piece of fabric from your dress.

To quote photographer Irving Penn “A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.’ Whilst not all our photography might be up to scratch artistically speaking there is no doubt that photos bring pleasure; they transport us somewhere else for an instant and they keep hold of people and places that matter.

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