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    Culinary Gifts

    If you are seeking a gift for the cook in your life, our collection of stylish culinary accessories may hold the answer. From handpainted mugs and rustic aprons to handmade cheese domes and brass napkin rings, all are designed to bring life and colour to the kitchen.
    Miri Casserole Pot
    From £34.95
    Miri Round Dish
    From £16.95
    Miri Terracotta Jug
    From £24.95
    Artisan Plates
    From £14.95
    Artisan Bowls
    From £9.95
    Ahanti Storage Boxes
    From £39.95
    Kinuku Pizza Board
    From £39.95
    Agar Glass Set
    From £7.95
    Assam Tea Set
    From £3.95
    Ziki Wine Glass
    From £6.95
    Nalbari Pizza Board
    From £39.95
    Nalbari Platter
    From £34.95
    Dendi Storage Pots
    From £19.95
    Reclaimed Brick Box
    From £19.95