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    Handmade by our artisans from reclaimed wood - each piece used in its construction is selected for its character and beauty, and may show signs if its previous life. This chair has been coated in a clear wax to protect it from the elements.

    Care Instructions: To preserve the look of your furniture we recommend you wipe it down with a dry cloth, every few months to avoid moisture build up, . All you need is a little washing up liquid, warm water and a soft bristle brush. You can use a hose on spray to rinse, but never use a pressure washer as they can strip the timber. Once cleaned allow the furniture to dry properly - this will take time, so any cleaning is best done on a bright sunny day. Hardwood garden furniture is naturally very durable so it does not need a regular application of preservative like a softwood, however, if you want to keep its original appearance, then simply apply a little teak oil or a water based wood stain. To prolong the life of the furniture we advise covering or storing during the winter season.

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